Stay Hydrated !!!

Stay Hydrated

Water plays an important role in every function of the body including:

  • Temperature regulation.
  • Transport of Oxygen and Nutrients to the cells via blood.
  • Acting as a necessary component of chemical reactions in the body.
  • Aid in the elimination of waste through urine and feces.
  • Lubrication of joints.
  • Major components of body fluids, such as urine, blood, tears, mucus.
  • Give body cells their shape and stability.

PurH2O Natural Spring Water hydrates, revive, refresh, invigorate, energize and detoxify, the body to  help you lose weight, gives you a younger, healthier skin, and helps you achieve  better productivity at home, school, play or work. You should drink up to 10 glasses of water/day, except there is a medical condition.  Exercise habits, living environments such as high altitudes or extreme hot areas demands more water intake. Day-to-day activities may also increase the need for water, such as  flying and strenuous exercise.

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